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A hot handsome man to sweep me off my feet. I Am Look For Sex

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A hot handsome man to sweep me off my feet.

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Not seeking for spam Hello, Im just getting out of a 5 year relationship and im seeking to get back out into the meeting world.

Age: 34
Relationship Status: Never Married
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City: Bundaberg
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It only takes a minute to sign up. Although the phrase "sweep me off my feet" probably means, "make me fall in love with you in a short time", what does it exactly mean, because "sweeping" can be difficult to be associated with "love".

It can be difficult to read the words "sweeping" and "feet" to get a feeling that it means love. We were guided by ebony gilfs intuition; you swept me off my feet. It was snowing when we got married at the Ahwahnee. Years passed, kids came, good times, hard times, but never bad times. Our love and respect has endured and grown. My feet have never returned to the ground. hanssome

A hot handsome man to sweep me off my feet. I Want Sexual Dating

Although the phrase can mean that, and often does, it's also sometimes applied in a more broad context. To be "swept off your feet" is to be surprised, enthralled, exhilarated.

Critics can be swept off their feet by an epic film; operagoers can be swept off their feet by a beautiful aria. As for how sweeping became associated with amature housewifes nude, that's referring to the aspect of sweeping that means a smooth movementnot the act of using a broom. Ballroom dancers iff sweep across the dance floor, a powdery snow can sweep across the barren fields.

A strong ocean or river current can literally sweep you off your feet, and young lovers can do the same thing to each other, figuratively and emotionally. It's an English expression referring to the feeling that one fdet. when completely taken by someone, carried awayswept away all emotionally. So "Are you trying to sweep me off my feet? Source Urban Dictionary.

It is an expression used mainly by women.

A hot handsome man to sweep me off my feet. Seeking Private Sex

Swept sweeep my feet refers to the time when they are hugged by a taller man and spun around, their feet not touching the ground. Hence, 'swept off my feet'. Imagine a broom sweeping the floor, in one sweeping motion, dust particles are lifted into the air.

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In the same way when you fall in love with someone, you are lifted off your feet effortlessly. This feeling of elation is felt by both sexes, so I would disagree hkt user that the idiom is almost exclusive to women, indeed the touching tribute left by Steve Jobs to his wife disproves this idea.

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A hot handsome man to sweep me off my feet.

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I Look For Sex A hot handsome man to sweep me off my feet.

And why? Ask Question. Asked 6 years, 11 months ago. Active 5 years, 2 months ago. Viewed k times. Below is one of its usage in Steve Jobs's letter to his wife: I believe there is also an idiomatic reference to the tradition myth?

But one would never say, "you are sweeping off my feet" unless you really were using a broom on my feet. You can pick up someone, one arm under the legs and one behind their back, and, if you do it in a single smooth movement, you could say the person was swept off their feet.

That's the metaphor that comes to my mind when I hear the phrase. AlbeyAmakiir Yes, if you imagine lovers doing that, the phrase is a metaphor for exactly that feeling of elation and exhilaration. I've heard some ladies pay for the entire meal when dining out with a guy.

Plus, I know lots of women stronger than their beaus. Never doubt the power -- or strength -- of love!

A similar idiom is "walking on air" to mean exuberantly joyful. Mari-Lou A Rane Chetan Rane Chetan 29 1 1 bronze badge.

It sounds like a good explanation, but do you have a source to back it up? The Steve Jobs quote disproves that this is an expression more commonly used by women. Featured on Meta. Unicorn Heavenly massage eagan Zoo 8: What hxndsome leadership look like in our communities?

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